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KN95 Protective Mask


DETAILS: KN95 Protection Mask includes 5 masks. With a bacteria filtration efficiency of over 95%, this mask has 4 layers of ply and enhanced filtration. The mask is breathable and has an effective barrier protection against airborne particles, dusts, mists, pollutants, etc. 

KN95 mask products compliance with:
GB2626-2006 standard, EN149:2001 standard, EU CE Safety Certification, 
ISO 9001:2015, International Quality System Certification, SA 800 International Certification. 

CE approved. 

Made by Infinite Medical Group.


Step 1: Hold the protective mask by the ear loops, the side with the nose clip facing upward.

Step 2: Pull the elastic straps over your ears and secure tightly to the face.

Step 3: Press the nose clip with your fingers pointing inward to fit nicely on your nose.

Step 4: Perform a fit test by inhaling and exhaling. There should be no air leakges around the edges. 

All face masks are FINAL SALE. This item does not qualify for return.