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KN95 Protective Mask (5 Masks)


DETAILS: KN95 Protection Mask includes 5 masks. With a bacteria filtration efficiency of over 95%, this mask has 4 layers of ply and enhanced filtration. The mask is breathable and has effective barrier protection against airborne particles, dust, mists, pollutants, etc. 

KN95 mask products compliance with:
GB2626-2006 standard, EN149:2001 standard, EU CE Safety Certification, 
ISO 9001:2015, International Quality System Certification, SA 800 International Certification. 

CE approved. 

Made by Infinite Medical Group.


Step 1: Hold the protective mask by the ear loops, the side with the nose clip facing upward.

Step 2: Pull the elastic straps over your ears and secure tightly to the face.

Step 3: Press the nose clip with your fingers pointing inward to fit nicely on your nose.

Step 4: Perform a fit test by inhaling and exhaling. There should be no air leakges around the edges. 

All face masks are FINAL SALE. This item does not qualify for return.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review